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Inventory Form Template

Use Formplus’ Inventory Form Template to make your inventory process more efficient. It helps you manage assets, products, and records in a proper, timely manner. Get all the information you need with the Formplus Inventory Form Template and, customize it to make it more engaging. Try our free online inventory form templates now!

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Create Workflow & Automate Workflow Process

You can use workflow management to create an online inventory form for approvals of listed items and tasks, so supervisors can approve or makes comments as appropriate. This helps you simplify internal requests and reviews with an online approvals system.

For example, a store manager could make request asking to use profits to make upgrades on some items due to higher demands and you could approve or reject the request, also making comments on the inventory form. 

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Data Validate on Inventory Forms

Get the right data first time with Formplus’ form field validation tool. Adding a field validation tool helps you gather information only in the format you choose, so you achieve greater data quality and better experience for respondents. 

You will no longer need to correct a submission or ask a respondent to re-submit the inventory form.

Validate Data to Avoid Errors

Upload Files and Store on preferred cloud storage platforms

Tired of carrying papers to carry out your inventory? Formplus provides a simple, secure way to manage all of your documents in one place. Just add a File Upload field to the online inventory form to start collecting receipts, pictures of listed items, images depicting progress of onsite projects, videos and other documents. 

You can store these uploads on Formplus, which gives you unlimited file storage systems in any file type or use any of integrations: Dropbox, Google Drive, and Microsoft OneDrive. These integrations let you send file uploads directly to your cloud storage account.

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Use Form Builder Options on Inventory Forms

Inventories come at anytime and you or the store manager/employee might need more than one response for each inventory form, this is possible with Formplus. You can simply update the number of responses to a number of your choice. This way, users will be able to submit as many responses as the number you have set.

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Formplus’ Form Builder makes inventory so simple!

Create an online inventory form and use the drag and drop feature to add form fields like ‘item’, ‘purchasing date’, ‘purchased from’, ‘serial number’ and more. There are no restrictions to removing and adding required form fields. And when there are more questions, you can break the form into multiple pages or leave it as a single page form. 

The form is mobile friendly and is responsive on all mobile devices. So you do not need to wait till you get to your PC to create or receive responses.

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Lookup information with ease

With Formplus, creating powerful forms that can autofill from other forms is easy.

Adding the Lookup field to your online inventory form allows you to fetch records or listings from another form or spreadsheet. So, rather than going to spreadsheets to get a previous list of items, you could just populate your inventory form with items from  a previous form. This saves time and improves efficiency.

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Reduce Clutter & Save Time

Repeating fields encourage your store manager to submit responses on the inventory form. Long forms can be overwhelming and repeating fields help reduce that. You can collect the same data, while making your form more appealing and less bulky.

You can use ‘Repeating Data’ so you set up the fields once and respondents will see only field until they click ‘Add Item’, or ‘Add Receipt’ or ‘Add’ anything else. Collect as much or as little data as you want without making respondents scroll and scroll just to hit the submit button.

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Do Simple Calculations on Inventory Forms

Formplus’ calculating form fields allows you easily automate the calculation of items on your online inventory form. This means you don’t have to copy out all the figures and manually sum them up by yourself. Use the field to quickly makes calculations for goods received, project materials, expenses and more. 

This is t an easy way to solve your inventory form's math problems with Formplus’ powerful calculator. Calculations can be used to compute field values based on user input, set default values for form fields, and control visibility of fields/sections.

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Invite Team Members to Work on your inventory Form

Make your work easy and more collaborative by adding team members and/or employees to help create and manage submissions.

Invite your team members via mail, grant them different levels of access, then delegate duties according to roles or department. Then use ‘Audit Trail’ to track activities of team members on the online conference form. 

You can talk to Formplus for custom requirements.

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