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5 Awesome Form Templates to Drive Lead Conversion

There are many barriers to acquiring and converting an anonymous website visitor into a lead and then into a customer. These could range from the timing of your promotions, language in your copy, the relevance, etc.

Your online forms can also be a source of these barriers. For example, the choice of your Submission button CTA, form button design, form branding, etc. could lead to Form abandonment issues which can then cause your visitors to drop off.

To help with this, we have decided to showcase 5 form templates that can be used to increase your leads. There are more where those came from but for a start, these forms can be used to start that fire in your lead generation strategy. Take a look:

Contact Form Template

The simplest means of lead conversion yet it is so easy for this to turn into a bottleneck. A contact form is used to ask visitors for personal information as well as other means to reach them directly.

Now you already have a great Contact form template that you can customize and just embed in your website but there are other factors that are just as important, if not more important.

Decide on the purpose of the form and location of the contact form. For example, if you want to collect phone numbers and emails to recruit volunteers for your next Drive, your contact form will be boldly displayed on your homepage as well as an explanation on what the Drive is for.

Customize: Contact Form Template

Email Sign Up Form Template

Having a mailing list is very important, especially as you grow your business from one level to the other, it helps you to interact with your day one customers. A mailing list also allows you to also convince/convert potential customers and keep people interested in your business.


Start by creating a simple Email sign up form, if you have some guide or incentive to offer, you can use it to boost your sign ups. An example is this form at the end of this article on building a productive learning environment. The incentive in this case is the PDF guide that subscribers get in their inbox once they sign up.

Customize: Mailing List Newsletter Signup Form Template

Online Order Form Template

Many Ecommerce stores/websites record drop offs because of their order forms and most times it is for avoidable reasons - length of the form, poor design, technical issues, etc.

By using a simple order form, you can convert a lead into a paying customer. This is also a great opportunity to gather beyond credit card information. You can customize the order form and ask for a phone number, or more shopping preferences. This can also be an opportunity to invite customers to join your mailing list for flash deals that you may have (only do this if you actually have flash deals.

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Contest Entry Form Template

Online competitions and contests are a really good way to get a large amount of leads. Granted you may have more people that just want freebies, but if your product is relevant to them, you should be able to convert them to paying customers.


Create a contest entry form and add the relevant questions. It may be a simple as “Leave your email address for a Raffle Draw” or as complex as “What year did we launch our first store?”. Either way, try to make it as engaging and as short as possible.

Customize: Contest Entry Form Template

Event Registration Form Templates

Putting an event together is also a great way to help you gather leads for your business. People register, leave their emails and phone numbers and you can then go on to contact them.

If you can, consider hosting an event or showcasing at an event (for example, a pop-up). If you don’t have the resources to hold a physical event, you can consider an online webinar or a demonstration. Just ensure that you are organizing the kind of event that your potential customers would be interested in.

Once your event purpose is set, fix a date and time and then invite customers using an event registration form. Interested customers can then fill out forms to register online for the event, which gives you an accurate number of people to expect for the event and even more leads to follow up on.

In conclusion,

Online forms give companies an easy, effective way to gain leads. There are so many Formplus form templates you can customize to support your lead generation strategies. Check them out and customize a tenplate today.

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